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Making sense of green building rating

The building sector is set to grow exponentially. It already has a huge environmental footprint, with the domestic and commercial sectors consuming some 30 per cent of India’s electricity. So, the imperative to go green is clear. The question is where India is and where it should go. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has issued the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) to improve the energy performance of buildings by 40-60 per cent. But the use of the code in design is not linked to the actual performance of the building after it has been commissioned.

The myth of green building

There is no question that India and other parts of the still-under-construction world must build green. The building sector is a major contributor to climate change and local environmental destruction because of construction materials used; energy expended for lighting, heating and cooling; and water consumption and waste discharge. This is the threat. There is an opportunity as well.

CSE is the Center of Excellence: Photo slideshow

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PRESS INVITE: Regional Dialogue on Sustainable ('green') Building Bhubaneswar December-13-2013

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), and Bhubaneswar Development Authority invites you to Regional Dialogue on Sustainable (‘green’) Building Bhubaneswar, December 13, 2013 Our aspiration for higher standards of living is accompanied by an ever-increasing gap between energy demand and supply. Plagued with the highest distribution and transmission losses in the world, buildings (domestic and commercial) in India consume an enormous 33 per cent energy.

A green facade

Building green is definitely important. But equally important is to know how green is a green building. Take the glitzy, glass-enveloped buildings popping up across the country. It does not matter if you are in the mild but wet and windy climate of Bengaluru or in the extreme hot and dry climate of Gurgaon, glass is the in-thing. I have always wondered how buildings extensively using glass could work in such varied climatic zones, where one needs ventilation. Then, I started reading that glass was green. Buildings liberally using glass were being certified green. How come?


What's good insulation?

Many architects use imported, expensive and environmentally inappropriate material


Green buildings: it's common sense

Frenzied growth in real estate and changing lifestyle in Indian cities are inciting resource guzzling. Architects have innovative ideas to build green homes