31.5 KLD Metagenomic Tool based plant at Sanand, Ahmedabad


Scale of service


Area of installation (Sq-m)

718 Sq-m

Year of Installation


Capital cost

Rs.80 Lakhs to 1 Crore


Sanand II Industrial Estate, Sanand, Ahmedabad

Operational & Maintenance cost


Implementing & Funding Agency

Secure Meters Limited

Design Capacity

31.5 KLD

A metagenomic tool-based treatment plant was set up to treat 31.5 KLD in Secure Meters Limited at Sanand, Ahmedabad. The treatment plant treats black water from toilets of an industry with approximate 3400 users. A separate grey water treatment plant treats the kitchen wastewater and grey water from toilets. Treated water is pumped to a water tank from where it is used for sub surface irrigation and horticulture.

The metagenomic tool-based system consists of six septic tanks and four constructed wetlands.

Septic tank: The septic tank provides a solid retention time of 21 days and quiescence under which microbial degradation and pathogen elimination takes place. The effluent from the septic tank overflows into the Horizontal Sub Surface Flow treatment Wetlands (HSSFW).

Constructed Wetland: The HSSFW is filled with coco powder, river pebbles, stones and gravel as filter media and Vetiver as the wetland plant. The water level is maintained at 5 cm below the gravel surface to prevent mosquito breeding.

The treated water from the HSSFW is stored in a water tank and further reused for the irrigation and horticulture purposes.





Long term monitoring of the treatment capacity shows that the system is capable to meet the statutory requirements of wastewater reuse. The BOD concentration at inlet to the septic tank is 93.41 mg/L whereas the treated water has a concentration of 13.03 mg/L.



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