610 KLD Capacity Constructed Wetlands at Bhunni Drain, Bithoor (Uttar Pradesh)


Scale of service

City level

Area of installation (Sq-m)

1184.48 Sq-m

Year of commission

December, 2019

Capital Cost

Rs. 3.75 Crores


Bhunni Nallah


26.600433; 80.269591

Implementing & Funding Agency

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG)

Design Capacity

 610 KLD

The project area of this project is Bithoor, which is situated on the bank of River Ganga on the Kanpur- Kannauj road approximately 30 km from the main city, Kanpur. In Bithoor, the domestic wastewater (sewage) being generated from the households flows into the several open drains at different locations that finally outfalls directly into the river Ganga. Many of the houses in Bithoor have their own septic tanks. To tackle the problem of wastewater, in-situ Constructed Wetlands technology was recommended by UP Jal Nigam and National Mission for Clean Ganga. There are 07 drains identified as a potential point source of pollution for river Ganga in Bithoor where treatment systems are to be provided and this Bhunni drain is one of those drain and is the biggest one amongst all.

Wastewater enters the treatment facility through an inlet chamber of 3.85 m length x 3 m width which has a manual screening of 1.2 m height x 3 m width where inert material is screened out of the wastewater. After screening, the wastewater is treated in wetland zones which are divided into 9 compartments. Each compartment is stratified with a bed of gravels of varying sizes/ grades, onto which Typha latifolia – a hyper-accumulating emergent vegetation is planted. In these compartments, secondary treatment takes place i.e. organic and nutrient content reduction of the wastewater. The treated waste water finally reaches Chlorination tank of 26 m2 area where tertiary treatment takes place and finally it is discharged into river Ganga. To make the whole system minimal energy consuming, a complete gravity flow of the wastewater, from the inlet chamber to the final outlet of the system has been ensured. The flow of the wastewater in each treatment cell is so regulated that there is complete sub-surface flow, thereby leading to no ponding, foul smell, mosquito breeding or any direct contact with wastewater.

Sample Points



BOD (mg/l)

COD (mg/l)

TSS (mg/l)













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