An Introduction to Climate Finance

2024 is the year of climate finance, which is one of the key enablers of climate action. Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) Climate Change programme has been closely tracking the landscape of climate finance. As Observers in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the programme informs wider civil society about the negotiations being held on determining a new climate finance target. Beyond the UNFCCC, our research on the global financial architecture has triggered interest in critical issues such as the debt crisis and the high cost of capital for green technologies. 

CSE is launching an online training course on climate finance. It is open to civil society members, journalists, government officials, students, professionals or educators looking to understand the key concepts and the broader geopolitical context that the discourse is situated in. 

Spread over six working days, the training will expose participants to the interlinkages between the global financial system and climate change, the latest policy developments both within the UNFCCC and beyond it, and the landscape of challenges and opportunities that the world is facing with financing climate efforts. Upon completion, participants will be better informed to ask the right questions pertaining to climate finance, equity and justice. 

The training will offer a mix of self-guided reading, live lectures by experts, group and individual assignments, and Q&A with specialists. No prior knowledge of climate finance is required.


  1. Introduction to climate finance concepts
  2. How does the global financial system interact with climate change?
  3. The UNFCCC and climate finance
  4. Beyond the UNFCCC: International financial architecture reform and climate change
  5. Sectoral view: Financing renewable energy, e-mobility and industrial decarbonisation                   

For more information, please contact 

Sehr Raheja 
Programme Officer, Climate Change Programme, CSE





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Training Fee
Indian participants: Rs. 3,500
Global participants: USD 100
Training Date
August 6-13, 2024
Last date for receiving applications
August 1, 2024