Antibiotic Residues in Honey

It is clear from the results that 11 out of the 12 samples of honey analyzed were non compliant with EIC standard for honey to be exported for antibiotics. Multiple antibiotics were detected in all domestic and imported brands of honey tested-except Hitkari Honey of Hitkari Pharmacy, Delhi was found to be free of antibiotics. Highest number of antibiotics - 5 out of 6 were detected in imported Nectaflor Natural Blossom Honey, followed by Patanjalis Pure honey which had 4 antibiotics. The number of antibiotics in other brands was 3 each in Dabur, Himalaya Forest and Khadi Honey, 2 each in Mehsons Pure Honey, Himflora Gold, Umang Honey and Baidyanath Wild flower Honey. No antibiotic was detected in Hitkari Honey.

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