Application of GIS tools for planning of Groundwater Recharge Structures (Level 3)

March 07-15, 2022 

The online training on “Application of GIS tools for planning of Groundwater Recharge Structures (Level 3)”, was conducted for the officials of Uganda and Tanzania to enhance their capacity on use of modern technologies like GIS for locating and planning of groundwater recharge structures. This training was conducted in continuation of the previous training programme which were in series - i.e. Level 1 and Level 2. This training was of an advanced level, where the participants were trained on advanced use of GIS softwares and applications.

The training was intended to make the GIS softwares more user friendly in use and make the officials understand the advanced features which would help them in overlaying different thematic layers and making different calculations based on available data. Also, they were trained about different algorithms and data processing tools in GIS environment, which would make them more efficient in selecting the locations and type of structures for groundwater recharge.

Apart from the GIS tools, the training also covered different aspects of hydrogeological modelling for watershed management and groundwater recharge, and use of technologies to assess and plan for recharge potential. The softwares act as a decision making tool which guide the officials on selection of different structures based on hydrogeology, topography and soil type. The training was a great success as the participants were involved with great enthusiasm, frequent discussion and active participation in live sessions.

A total of 50 participants were nominated from Uganda and Tanzania for the training programme. This programme followed the Memorandum of Understanding between CSE and Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda and Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Tanzania. The study materials were mainly recorded for self-paced study. Three live sessions were held to clarify the technical queries.