Back from the Brink

June 25, 2024

A Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) team visited over 250 lakes and ponds under 26 schemes in four ecological regions—the Desert, Indo-Gangetic Plains, Deccan Trap and Coastal Plains—across the country to survey impactful programmes and schemes for rejuvenation or restoration of waterbodies.

This compendium analyses success stories that celebrate government programmes, both Central and those specific to states. The programmes helped revive lakes, ponds and/or tanks used by communities within cities or villages as well as brought a rise in water levels in wells and borewells around lakes, increase in land under irrigation and return of flora and fauna. In many cases, fish farming started or resumed post-restoration activities. The work of communities and private players in rejuvenating waterbodies is also highlighted.

A study of these success stories can help in streamlining policies and practices of different programmes that have been unsuccessful in the country and can serve as guidelines for future schemes.


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