Building Sense: Beyond the green facade of sustainable habitat

Date: September 22-23, 2014

Venue: Jacaranda Hall in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Sustainable Building Programme of Centre for Science and Environment is organising a "Building Sense: Beyond the green facade of sustainable habitat” to be held in New Delhi on September 22-23, 2014. This is a gathering of selected target groups including architects, regulators, professionals, academia, civil society groups and building industry who are working on sustainability of the building sector from across India. The objective is to help build a public dialogue and raise public awareness regarding the potential of architectural interventions to minimize environmental impact of built environment in our cities and reduce pressure on resources.

This event is a part of CSE’s initiative to promote good practices in the building construction sector and habitat management for resource efficiency and sufficiency in Indian cities. As a public interest organization we are seeking to build public discussion and policy debate on crucial issues of sustainability of the urbanscape. India has plunged into frenetic construction of buildings to meet the burgeoning demand for homes, offices, and shops. Building construction, occupation and lifestyle pressures have come under spotlight for its very strong linkage with energy use, resource depletion, natural habitat destruction and climate impacts. At the same time there is the larger challenge of meeting comfort and liveability expectations in poor peoples’ homes and settlements. If the regulatory interventions are not designed well early and the idea of green building is not demystified it can have unintended consequences and the new built area can lock up enormous resource guzzling and waste.

We will deeply appreciate if you are able to join us and share your insights.


For registration and further details contact

Avikal Somvanshi
Senior Research Associate
Sustainable Building Programme,
Centre for Science and Environment
Tel: +91-9871933410



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Table of contents
Presentations Day 1
Session 1
Why green buildings?



By: Parul Zaveri &Nimish Patel

Thermal Comfort Projects and Perspectives

By: Tanmay Tathagat

Morphogenesis Sustainabilty
Session 2
Passive architecture

By: Chitra Vishwanath

Session 3
How green are our greening tools?

By: Avikal Somvanshi

Contemporary Rammed Earth Technology

By: Ar. Shreya-Kalpesh Dalwadi


By: Ghani Zaman

Challenges and responsibilities in architecture

By: Surya Kakani

Presentations Day 2
Session 1
Buildings and towns: Addressing environment impact

By: Anumita Roy Chowdhury

Challenges to Affordable Housing in India

By: Durganand Balsavar

Towards Sustainable Campus Design

By: Vinod Gupta

Do Chala Bangla Ghar and Vernacular Architecture

By: Laurent

Session 2
Homegrown Settlements

By: Sandeep Virmani


By: Swati Janu

Session 3
Building sense

By: Sunita Narain

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