Campaigns on walking

Pedestrians First
Pedestrians FIRST was founded in 2008 and takes up issues related to pedestrian rights and safety. It is fighting to give first priority pedestrian in the road engineering and traffic planning. Safety, equity/social justice, and traffic congestion are its guiding principles. It works with a core group of volunteers. They work with people to take up issues in their own neighborhood, to create awareness and pressure.


  • Fighting against construction of more subways and FOBs and advocating crossings

  • Raising points about damaged footpaths which have not been repaired for several months

  • Participate in public hearings, protest marches, media outreach, conduct neighborhood walk audits

  • Analyzed and objected to the Pune Municipal Corporation’s Comprehensive Mobility Plan(CMP) for the city

  • Consulted for drafting of transport signal installation planning in Pune

  • Joined hands with Pune Traffic and Transportation Forum to create a Non-motorized Transport (NMT) “cell” at the Pune Municipal Corporation.

  • Highlighted the problems faced by pedestrians using the Jungli Maharaj and Fergusson College roads

  • Worked on projects related to sidewalk and crossing improvements, pedestrian refuges, road junction improvements, sidewalk encroachments, and pedestrian signals.

Key contact:
Mr. Prashant Inamdar