Catch Rain Boost Groundwater

Many countries in Africa Ð as in other parts of the Global South Ð depend heavily on groundwater. For instance, more than 75 per cent of Uganda's population lives in rural areas and relies on groundwater resources. But this invaluable resource has been beset by rapidly depleting levels: Temporal and annual variations in rainfall, unplanned urbanisation and withdrawal of water, and encroachment over waterbodies have reduced the natural recharge of groundwater. Over and above this, groundwater also faces acute contamination due to natural and anthropogenic reasons.

Some of these countries, including Uganda, receive adequate or high amounts of rainfall. Rainwater harvesting, therefore, offers a viable solution. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the New Delhi (India)-based Global South think tank, has collaborated with the Government of Uganda to study the problem and offer a set of recommendations to strengthen policies and strategies for augmentation of groundwater reserves through rainwater harvesting. These recommendations also cover protection of groundwater quality through the management of faecal sludge and wastewater.

These strategies and policies Ð while focused on Uganda -- can be well applied to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa which face similar issues on quantity and quality of groundwater.

CSE and the Government of Uganda invite you to join a Webinar to discuss the subject and release an online report published on the occasion.

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Webinar recording
UGANDA: Policy Strategies to Augment Groundwater Through Rainwater Harvesting
UGANDA: Policy Strategies to Augment Groundwater Through Rainwater Harvesting
By: Sushmita Sengupta
Programme Manager, CSE
Using rainwater harvesting to augment groundwater reserves
By: Vincent M Ouma
MPH, WASH Expert
Ground Water Resources and Rain Water Harvesting for WASH improvement in Tanzania
By: Dr. Khalid Massa
Assistant Director,
Environmental Health and Sanitation Section
director general, CSE,
New Delhi
programme manager,
Rural Water and Sanitation Management Programme,
CSE, India
assistant commissioner,
rural water supply and sanitation,
Directorate of Water Development,
Ministry of Water and Environment,
assistant director,
Environmental Health,
Sanitation and Hygiene Section,
Ministry of Health,
Community Development, Gender,
Elderly and Children, Tanzania
head of programmes,
Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Society
Network, Kenya