Celebration of Ganga Utsav in Bijnor

Date: November 1-3, 2021

TSU-Bijnor along with Bijnor Nagar PalikaParishad (BNPP) celebrated Ganga Utsav, as part of AzadikaAmritotsav under NamamiGange –Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) Partnership. Three activities were planned to bring awareness around water conservation, rainwater harvesting (RWH) and abatementof  Ganga Pollution. The activities were planned to attract youth, activists and stakeholders who have a consciousness about The Ganga Pollution. Following three main activities were planned:

Ganga Utsav planning

It was an intensive IEC campaign to promote awareness among various stakeholders in Bijnor municipality on promoting water conservation, rainwater harvesting, protecting the holy Ganga and other water bodies from Malasur&behaviour change communication among the community for sanitation and hygiene practices for making the Ganga clean.


  • To bring consciousness about water conservation in Bijnor so that all future generations in Bijnor are water secured.
  • To create awareness for action towards clean Ganga among citizens in Bijnor
  • To create awareness on individual contribution for clean Ganga and rainwater harvesting practices.
  • To create awareness on the ways to protect Ganga from Malasur and other water sources.

Targeted Audience/stakeholders

  • Local community, Bijnor
  • Women & Children
  • Youth and Bijnor GayatriPariwarmembers
  • Ward councillors and ULB team
  • Sanitation workers working in Bijnor

Planned IEC activities for celebrating Ganga Utsav 2021,

  • Signature Campaign- on 1st November 2021 at Chairman Campus (11:00 Am to 1:00 PM and Ganga barrage (4pm to 6pm).
  • Deep Yagya- Lets light Diya for Maa Ganga: 2nd November, 2021 at Gayatri Temple Ganga Barrage Road, Bijnor (5:00pm).
  • Poem Competition- for young poets of Bijnor A month-long activity started from 1st November and results were announced on 1st December in an Award Ceremony.

Banners Used in the Ganga Utsav


Implementation of Ganga Utsav plan in Bijnor

 1. Signature Campaign on 1stNovember 2021-

An awareness campaign organized by Bijnor Nagar PalikaParishad with TSU-Bijnor to take oath and sign for promoting practices of RWH, water conservation and spreading awareness around avoiding disposal of wastes solid or liquid in the Ganga River. MrShamshad Ansari acting Chairman BNPP and Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh EO BNPP first took the oath and signed the campaign. The campaign was taken to Ganga Barrage in the second half where Mr. Kapil Dev Agarwal, PrabhariMantri Bijnor, SuchiChowdhary, MLA Bijnor, SakenderChowdhary, Jila Panchayat Chairman Bijnor,  Umesh Mishra District Magistrate Bijnor, and Vikramaditya Singh Malik, SDM Bijnor along with other 120 important dignitaries signed the campaign. The campaign was observed by 800-1000 persons in Bijnor at a different location. The campaign was appreciated by the ministers and government dignitaries.

Figure 1- EO Speaking few words about Ganga Utsav Signature campaign (Left); Group Picture of Chairman, EO, JE after initiating the campaign (Right) at Chairman Campus


Figure 2- (Starting from top row left)-SDM- Vikramaditya Singh Malik,  PrabhariMantri Kapil Dev Agarwal and District Panchayat Chairman SankendraChowdhary   Signing the campaign and (second row) View of the Ganga River Behind the Signed Banner of the Signature Campaign.



2. Deep Yagya for The Ganga River 2nd November, 2021:

To highlight the importance of water conservation, RWH and abatement of Ganga River Pollution, TSU-Bijnor organized Light Diya for River Ganga- Deep Yagyaprogramme withGayatri Temple on Ganga road Bijnor. The programme started with a small Yagyain which all the locals took oath for curbing Ganga Pollution and wastage of water.           

Women of around 70 households from the vicinity participated in lighting diyas for the awareness campaign. All the participants took oath to adopt water conservation practices at home and deploy RWH structures wherever possible. Local women also promised to start with saving two buckets of water daily.

3. Painting Competition Bijnor

TSU-Bijnor along with BNPP conducted a poem competition for young poets of Bijnor. Two age groups 11-15 and 16-20 years are kept three prizes viz, 1st prize INR 1500, 2nd Prize INR 1000, and 3rd Prize INR 500, will be given in both categories.
The topics for writing poems are kept based on water conservation, RWH and sources of Ganga Pollution in Bijnor. The idea for this activity was to highlight what a young mind thinks about pollution in the river Ganga, or water conservation, rainwater harvesting expressed through a poem.The results of the completion were announced on 1st December 2021

The award ceremony of the Poem Competition held in 70 schools in all over Bijnor block was organized by TSU-Bijnor in association with Bijnor Nagar PalikaParsihad. More than hundred poems were received for the completion in two categories viz., 11-15 years and 16-20 years.  A bench of three judges decided on the winners of the competition. The merits were based on the individual creativity and precise reflection of the topic in the poems. The award ceremony was held under chair of Executive Officer of Bijnor Nagar PalikaParishadMrManoj Kumar Singh.

Details of the winners of the poem competiton (GnagUtsav)


Name of Winner

Age Category

Amount  Received (INR) Cash



Divyata Rajput

11-15 years




AbhinavPratap Singh

11-15 years




Shreya Sharma

11-15 years




Vandana Rajput

16-20 years





16-20 years




AL Zoha Arshad

16-20 years



Media Coverage of the Ganga Utsav