Online Media Briefing Workshop: Climate Change in India's Northeast

India’s northeast -- like most of its other regions -- is grappling with the devastating impacts of climate change. Rainfall patterns and the flood-drought cycle have been changing character, affecting agriculture and other livelihoods, food security, and public health. Down To Earth magazine’s investigations (August 16-31, 2021 issue) have highlighted some of the stress that the region is under – for example, the region has recorded lower than normal rainfall in 19 of the 21 years between 2001 and 2021.

Down To Earth and Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invite journalists from the northeast to join a media briefing workshop to deliberate on and understand what climate change is doing to the region, and how communities are coping with it. Some of the topics that the workshop is expected to cover:

  • The IPCC report – the science and new evidence
  • Global climate negotiations – what is on the table in CoP26
  • Climate change in the northeast – evidences, impacts and actions

This workshop is open only to journalists from the northeast working in the northeast or anywhere else in the world. It is a free workshop, but since seats are limited, we advise those who are interested to register early

For any other details, please contact

Sukanya Nair
The CSE Media Resource Centre