CLUNKERED: Combating Dumping of Used Vehicles

July 23, 2018

Global motorization is rapid and explosive. As many as 2 billion vehicle tailpipes spew noxious pollutants and heat-trapping gases across the world. But as newer vehicles are inflating the global rolling stock every year, huge numbers are also becoming old and obsolete. In 2013, about 40 million vehicles a year were estimated to be approaching their end-of-life, representing 4 per cent of total global automobile ownership that needed to be scrapped.1 The number of vehicles approaching their end-of-life will increase further as, according to the International Energy Agency, with growing economy and aspirations the global four-wheeler fleet is expected to double by 2050. Also, as the latent demand for cars is getting stimulated across the developing world, many old, used and close-to-being-scrapped vehicles are finding their way to low- and middleincome country markets, with serious public health consequences. Growing economy is also inflating the demand for freight and transport vehicles. Even in transitional economies, vehicles last longer than their economic life.

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