CSE @ 1st IWA Non-Sewered Sanitation Conference: Scaling-up Lessons for Successful Non-sewered Sanitation (NSS) Solutions

Event Completed

Water Team at Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi attended IWAs 1st Non-Sewered Sanitation Conference at Johannesburg South Africa from 15-19 October, 2023. The event was jointly organized by Water Research Commission and IWA. On 15th October, CSE successfully conducted a day-long “Knowledge Café - Workshop” as a side event which was attended by 60+ participants from different countries across the world. The main purpose of the workshop was to gain attention of the practitioners, policy/decision makers towards scaling up learnings for Non-Sewered Sanitation solutions.

Depinder Kapur, CSE and Md Shakhawat HossainWaterAid Bangladesh kickstarted the workshop with sharing NSS experiences from India and Bangladesh respectively. Jennifer Williams from Faecal Sludge Management Alliance shared insights on FSM toolbox and its use.
The workshop covered all the hot and pressing topics such as Design considerations of FSTPs, Desludging techniques and challenges, Evaluation of performance of FSTPs and Bio-solid reuse & resource recovery which were delivered by CSE team Jyoti Parsad DadhichHari Prakash HaihyvanshiMegha Tyagi and Ashitha Gopinath respectively. Following the presentations, we had a very good discussion on all these topics to find out a way forward strategy for mitigating the challenges faced across South Asia and Africa.

Apart from the workshop, CSE team presented papers and posters on different topics and attended thematic sessions throughout the conference. Team also participated in technical tour at Johannesburg and Durban which were mainly focused on viable and appropriate technological solutions for managing faecal sludge and wastewater from informal settlements.

Throughout the conference, CSE team were engaged with different sector specialists where they exchanged knowledge as well as initiated discussions for the collaborative opportunities to work towards improving sanitation situation across Global South.

Cafe Director

Depinder Singh Kapur
Director, Water Programme
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India 

Reach us at: sww-aaeti@cseindia.org