CSE @ 1st IWA Non-Sewered Sanitation Conference: Scaling-up Lessons for Successful Non-sewered Sanitation (NSS) Solutions

* Registrations are open only for individuals attending the conference  

The 1st IWA Non-Sewered Sanitation (NSS) Conference is being hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa from October 15 -18, 2023 in partnership with the Water Research Commission. 

Non-sewered sanitation systems offer a paradigm shift from centralized sewerage systems -- in terms of their ability to provide access to sanitation services for all residents of a city, at a price that municipal authorities and households can afford, and without relying on water resources for conveyance of septage and sludge (that is a big plus in the current time of climate change-induced water stress). 

The focus so far has been on understanding the sanitation service value chain as a useful systems approach towards implementing NSS systems. With more than half a decade of experience in implementing NSS in several countries around the world, we are in a position now to bring together lessons from NSS -- what works, where and why. 

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India, is organizing a Knowledge Cafe as a part of the Conference, with an aim to bring together state-of-art lessons of policy, planning and implementation of NSS in the Global South. 

Knowledge Cafe Sessions

  • NSS experiences from the Global South -- India and Bangladesh
  • The desludging challenge: Making NSS affordable and sustainable
  • FSTPs’performance assessment: Methodology and results
  • Design considerations of FSTPs: Capacity, cost and climate
  • Capacity building for NSS: How to develop a national strategy
  • Understanding institutional DWWTs: Treatment systems, planning and designing, through successful case examples from India and Bangladesh 

Note: The session addresses and interactions will be done in English language. 

Cafe Director

Depinder Singh Kapur
Director, Water Programme
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India 

Reach us at: sww-aaeti@cseindia.org