CSE CPR Seminar : 'Last 100 metres: Potable water provisioning to urban informal settlements’

CSE in collaboration with Centre for Policy Research (CPR) conducted a seminar on the ongoing project ‘Last 100 meters- Safeguarding potable water in urban informal settlements’. The research reveals that potential benefits of improved water supply are severely compromised by faecal contamination at a critical zone around the point of use - regarded here as the ‘Last 100 Metres’ - where water is taken from the community standpipes to people’s homes. The discussion involved current practices on how different pathways of faecal contamination effects potable water in informal settlements in the last 100 meters of supply. The research tries to convene that provision of providing water at the community level should not be the only priority, other sanitation issues must be addressed parallelly for the safe delivery of water and improved public health.

The seminar was attended by about 25 members from various organisations and researchers from water programme.The speakers were our project partners; Dr Manoj Roy, Lancaster University, U.K., Mr M. Faruk, BRAC University, Dhaka and Dr Suresh Rohilla from CSE.

Part 1 Welcome and Speaker : Dr. Manoj Roy , Lancaster Univ. ,UK


Part 2 : Panel Speakers  : Suresh Rohilla (CSE) , Md. Faruk ( BRAC , Dhaka) and Q& A