CSE deep dives in South Africa for upscaling and institutionalising SFDs

  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India in partnership with Water Research Commission (WRC), South Africa conducts a training programme on the preparation and use of the Shit Flow Diagram (SFD) tool in South Africa
  • The training programme will be attended by federal and municipal officials from the Department of Water and Sanitation from all nine provinces of South Africa 

February 09, 2023, Johannesburg (South Africa): Safe water and adequate sanitation are in dispensable for healthy ecosystems, achieving inclusive growth, social well-being and sustainable livelihoods.

Under the Brown Drop initiative, South Africa aims for all municipalities to develop Shit Flow Diagrams (SFDs) as a baseline for sanitation master planning, and use them as monitoring tools to assess the progress of city-wide sanitation strategies. At least 36 of the 144 Water Services Authorities in South Africa are prioritising the preparation of their city water and sanitation planning using SFDs.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is conducting four training programmes, each spread over two days,for officials from the Department of Water and Sanitation, Republic of South Africaand municipal officials from all nineprovinces of South Africa. The training will focuson how to assess the sanitation coverage in their cities using SFDs and how to plan inclusive sanitation services for slums and informal settlements of growing towns.

The two-week intensive training programmes by CSE are based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Water Resources Commission,South Africa.

The objective of the training programmes is to strengthen the capacity of municipaland federal officials to map out the emerging needs of sanitation systemsin towns and municipalities acrossSouth Africa, with special emphasis on addressing sanitation access for those without sewerage connections.

The series of training programmes kickstarted on February 6, 2023. The first two programmes have already been held in Johannesburg whilethe third is scheduled for February 10, 2023 in the same city. Each training programme is being attended by more than 40 officials. The last in this series of training programmes will commence on February 13, 2023 in Port Elizabeth.

CSE has worked extensively on the development of the SFD graphic generator.CSE has also contributed to the preparation of more than 110 SFDs across India, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nepal and the Caribbean.

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