CSE-GSP's Climate Convocation, 2022

Participation by Invitation Only

Climate change is an irrefutable truth today, and it is clear that humans are the reason. We are experiencing more severe impacts of climate change with every passing year, and we know they will worsen in the years to come. Our failure to act could cost us dearly.

Over a span of 12 weeks and three online climate training programmes, we have, together, discussed and tried to understand the fundamentals of the most severe challenge that the Earth faces today. We have explored how climate change is impacting the world and its people. We have negotiated the complicated pathways taken by global climate consultations. And we have mulled over what the world can do to stem the rot.

It is now time to dig a little deeper, know a bit more, and discuss how this knowledge can be shared and distributed in our classrooms. The 27th United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change is coming up in November this year, and there are new developments and new knowledge on the table. Team GSP is pleased to invite you to its first Climate Convocation, a platform exclusively designed for school educators who have taken our online climate change course and actively participated in the course proceedings. The Convocation will provide opportunities to delve deeper into existing issues and be prepared for future discourses on climate change.

We, at GSP, believe that education is an essential tool in our stand against climate change. The more we and our students know about and understand this crisis that affects all of us, the better position would we be in to adopt sustainable ways of living to mitigate the impacts. On this journey, we are honoured to have you with us, an invaluable community of educators who have gone above and beyond not only to build their knowledge on climate change, but also to take it to your classrooms.

We look forward to getting a positive response.

Where will the Convocation be held: At CSE’s state-of-the-art residential training facility, the Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), located a three-hour road trip away from Delhi, in Nimli, at the foothills of the Aravallis, near Alwar in Rajasthan. You will love the campus – check it out here.

Do you have to pay anything to attend? No. CSE will take care of the travel and boarding-lodging costs and arrangements of all selected participants. Buses will transport you from specified locations in Delhi to the campus and back, and the campus offers comfortable twin-sharing accommodation and a fully functional canteen.

Is it safe to attend a public event? CSE and AAETI mandate and try to follow a stringent covid protocol.

What would be the Convocation schedule like? We will bring you to AAETI by the afternoon of September 28. There will be day-long sessions on September 29, and these will continue over the pre-lunch period on September 30. We will disperse after lunch on September 30.

What can you expect to get out of this Convocation: An opportunity to further update your knowledge on climate change and its emerging issues, science, politics and developments. An opportunity to listen firsthand to some experts on the subject. An opportunity to meet other teachers and educators from across the country and share ideas, strategies and information. And last but not the least, an opportunity to savour the famed CSE-AAETI hospitality.

For further information, write to us at support@greenschoolsprogramme or tushita.rawat@cseindia.org



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Online Course on Climate Change
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We are offering a limited number of seats for this event. The selection of participants will be done by CSE, and the decision of the selectors would be final.
What's New on the Climate Plate?
By Avantika Goswami
Apocalypse Now -- Climate Change and Extreme Weather
By Akshit Sangomla
The 13th Goal -- Climate Change and SDGs Through Numbers
by Rajit Sengupta
Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute
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