CSE Media Alert: Intolerance in Paris and high ambition coalition towards endgame

December 10, 2015 

As the Paris talk shift gear and move towards closure, a coalition led by the United States and European Union has emerged and talks are heading for an agreement even though contentious issues are unresolved and continue to simmer.

We bring you an update penned by Sunita Narain, Director General, CSE, and Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director General, CSE. 

The dispatches of this edition are:

• Intolerance in Paris by Sunita Narain

As I write this, it is two days to the endgame at the Paris climate conference. There has been little breakthrough on the contentious issues that elude an agreement, but still everybody is clear that there will be an agreement.

I am beginning to understand why they are so confident. Let me explain.

For the first time since the beginning of climate negotiations, the erstwhile climate renegades are in in control of the dialogue, narrative and the audience.  The Umbrella Group is a grouping led by the US and includes the biggest rich polluters, such as Australia and Japan, who have always been in the dock for not taking action to combat climate change. In Paris, these countries have done an image change.

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• High ambition coalition! Are you joking?

As I had predicted, the United States has played dirty politics at the Paris climate conference. As we move into the last three days of negotiations, a coalition representing more than 100 countries, named "the high ambition coalition" has suddenly emerged. It was purportedly formed in high secrecy (pure cloak-and-dagger stuff) over the last six months, writes CSE Deputy Director General Chandra Bhushan.


• Down to Earth’s Paris CoP page can be viewed here. The page will have daily updates.

• CSE has a five-member team attending the CoP21 deliberations in Paris. Please contact us if you need to speak with any of them.


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