CSE’s Red FM talk on 'Safe Sanitation during COVID crisis

Yet other session, CSE had with another Radio Station, Red FM (93.5) for a morning show to talk about issues related to sanitation during the COVID Crisis.

The theme of the talk was ‘vulnerability of sanitation workers during COVID-19 lockdown’ which focussed on the importance of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and how to address the shortage of basic PPE such as masks for the frontline workers. The session was broadcasted live in Lucknow on 13/04/2020.

CSE spoke on issues relating to public health, practising social distancing, waste management of the quarantined households, how to use masks, hand washing practice on the issue of poverty and water scarcity and how to address such issues.

This is a useful platform for reaching out to citizens on building awareness for ensuring the safety & hygiene maintenance during COVID lockdown times.




Red FM talk

Tackling the shortage of masks
Protection of sanitation workers and managing waste from quarantine facilities
The issue of water scarcity and COVID response