CSE Volunteers 2008-2009

  Name and Qualifications Work at CSE

Ragini Letitia Singh

B A in English Literature, Pursuing Journalism

Science and Environment Reportage

Has worked for 'Science and Technology' section in Down to Earth, a fortnightly magazine and worked on the cover story of vaccines.


Geetika Jain

Pursuing Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication

Urban Water-Rainwater Harvesting

Has researched on Rainwater Harvesting Legislations in India and abroad. Has also contributed in developing content for website.



Bindu P.M

Intermediate Pass

Programme Management and Recruitment

Has helped in filing important papers and office management.


Trisha Singh

Pursuing Bachelor of Civil Engineering 

Urban Water-Rainwater Harvesting

Sudeep Neelakantan

Pursuing Graduation in Physics

Science and Environment Reportage

Has researched and contributed for Down to Earth, a science and environment magazine.


Surbhi Nangia

BTech in Biotechnology

Urban Water-Waste Water Treatment

Has researched and documented on River Flow in India.


Akanksha Bhagat

Pursuing L.L.B

Industry and Environment

Has researched and worked on Fly-ash and EIA notification, 1999 of Ministry of Environment and Forests, GoI


Harshita Soni

Masters in Engineering

Urban Water-Rainwater Harvesting

Has contributed in preparing report on Rainwater Harvesting model project in Katni, MP


Pritha Bawa

Post Graduate in Disaster Management

Has contributed to the training module on Disaster Management in India

Aman Taneja

Pursuing L.L.B

Green Rating Project

Kushal Mathpal

Green Rating Project

Vinod Khatri

10+2 Pass

Assisted in ongoing data management for the entire unit and day to ongoing activities

Vivekanand Tiwari

M.Tech Planing (EP) 2nd Semister


Tamosi Bhattacharya

Pursuing Masters in Environmental

Water Management


Pursuing Bachelor of Arts

Urban Water-Water and Waste Management

Has helped in feeding data and making logistic arrangement for the trainees.


Roshni Chatterjee  

Masters in Environmental Planning

Science and Environment Reportage

Has researched and contributed to Down to Earth, an environment fortnightly with stories on cancer, obesity and stem cells


Prabhat Kumar Tomar

Masters in Environmental Science

Urban Water-Rainwater Harvesting

Has helped in carrying out survey of Rainwater Harvesting sites at MP and preparing report.


Mohd Imran

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Urban Water-Rainwater Harvesting

Has carried out survey of Rainwater Harvesting sites at MP and helped in preparing report.


Kshitij Gupta

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering


River Pollution Unit

Has researched and worked on ‘Zero Discharge’ from Indian industries.


Manoj Kumar Sahoo

Pursuing Graduation

Information Technology

Has helped in trouble shooting hardware problems and providing hardware assistance.


Ishita Gupta

Pursuing Graduation

Industry and Environment

Has worked on the issue of industrial regulation in India and also documented the best practices around the world


Saloni Tandon  

Pursuing Graduation

Right to Clean Air Campaign

Has worked for the ‘Urban Sustainability Campaign’ while looking into EIA history in India with respect to construction industry


S Durga Purnima

M.Phil in Physics

Natural Resource Management and Livelihood

Has contributed to the ongoing project of the unit.


Archana Kumari

Pursuing Master of Science in Toxicology




Ajeet Kumar

M.Sc Environmental Science


Green rating Project 

Assisted on EIA projects


Apoorva Vasudev

B.A Geography

M.A Disaster Management

Down To Earth

Working on health and

environment stories for DTE


Jayasree Pramanik

M.A Bengali

Programme Management

Assisted in filing of personnel files


Donald John Mae Allista

B.Sc Geography


Green rating Project

Researching on the issue of ‘Right to water’ in Indian context


Ila Melrotra

B.A English


Down To Earth

Worked on a story on Biotechnology Policy in India. Assisted in doing other S&T stories


Swati Goyal

B.Sc Biotechnology

Water Management

Research assistance on Excreta Book, Model projects and regular training events


Hien Phuong Nguyen


Air Pollution 

Did the background research for Biofuels and its future impact on Indian energy/ environment scenario


Elizabeth Gross

B.A in Economics

Down To Earth

Raisa Behal

Persuing Graduate Degree


Down To Earth

Environmental Policies in UK, Germany and EU – dossiers. She also worked on ‘India and Oil’ story under Chandra Bhushan’s guidance. Published 333 words


Dipali Betne

B.A Phychology


Assisted in Database development


Tom Kendall

1st Year Civil Engineering

Down To Earth

Worked on DTE cover on hydroelectric power projects in Uttarakhand


Shirya Bhatia

B.A Architect Currently


Rainwater Harvesting

Worked for CSE’s Rain Centre at Burdawan, West Bengal  


Prerna Sharma

10+2 3rd Year Diploma in HEE

Green rating Project

Compiled information on occupational health and safety issues in India


Ankit Rajan

Bachelors of Journalism


Researched on RWH technologies in India and abroad. Also helped in web content writing and editing for the RWH website


Ammu Suresh

Under Graduate

Green Rating Project

Worked on the sector report for non-ferrous industry particularly copper and zinc


Amruta Sudhalakar

Bachelors of Scihence

Air Pollution 

Worked on the issue of ‘Urban Transportation and Climate change’ in Indian context and on the possible menace of “Black Carbon’ and its impact on global warming


Jharna Brahma

Pursuing Masters

Down To Earth

Did Articles on Muscular Dystrophy, Chlorine disinfectants, Air pollution and RTI. Did review of a documentary film on AIDS “Are you with me”. Reported on International Health conference organised by UNICEF and on International conference on ‘Iodine’. Published 438 words in DTE


Shubha Kamala Prasad

Student of B.A

Environment Education

Did background research for the May GT issue



Aayushi Anand


Environment Education 

Compiled information related to Air Act, Water Act, Hazardous Waste and Biodiversity in relation top Indian Industries



Jacquelyn Hayes


Down To Earth 

Research and writing assignments on environment and health.


Gagan Thapa

Masters in Public Pollicy


Natural Resource Management

Did a report on 'Civil Society Engagement with Ecological Economics'


Raghav Saraswat

B.Sc Biomedical

Air Pollution

Assisted in BRT field survey


Adris Akhtar  

Student of Geography

Rainwater Harvesting 

Did technical drawings for the case studies of RWH. Also assisted in model project works, RWH panel and database development


Ganga Shreedhar

B.A Economics M.A Development


Natural Resource Management

Complied a report on the status of joint forest management in india specifically looking into state policies and benefit shareing with the communities


Esha Shekhar

Pursuing B.A

Down To Earth 

Did research stories on health, environment and technological issues. Published 1034 words in DTE. Also did the research for drinking water source protection and the laws in some countries on this issue and hydel-power projects and dams coming up on Himalayan Rivers



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