CSE welcomes bread industry decision to voluntarily withdraw use of potassium bromate and potassium iodate in bread-making

This will significantly reduce risk and safeguard public health

  • CSE welcomes announcement made by bread-making industry in today’s press conference to withdraw use of potassium bromate and potassium iodate 

  • Highlights that this will significantly reduce risk from the two chemicals and protect public health as potassium bromate is a possible human carcinogen and using potassium iodate could possibly lead to thyroid problems 

  • Welcomes FSSAI’s earlier announcement to ban potassium bromate; recommends it also ban potassium iodate in view of the announcement made by the industry  

May 26, 2016, New Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has welcomed the announcement made by the All India Bread Manufactures’ Association (AIBMA) in a press conference today in response to CSE’s latest study which had pointed towards widespread use and presence of potassium bromate/iodate residues in bread. 

“We have heard what the bread-making association has announced. We are happy that they have decided to stop using potassium bromate and potassium iodate within two-three days. This will reduce public health risk from these chemicals, ” says Chandra Bhushan, deputy director general, CSE.

CSE researchers point out that potassium bromate can possibly cause cancer and use of potassium iodate in bread-making can lead to excess intake of iodine, which could affect thyroid functions.

The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has already announced a ban on use of potassium bromate. “We welcome the FSSAI’s move to ban potassium bromate. Now that the industry has decided not to use both these chemicals in public interest, we urge the FSSAI to also ban use of potassium iodate in bread-making,” says Bhushan. 

For a brief summary of the test results, the complete lab report and other related documents, please click here

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