CSE's South Asian Media Briefing Workshop on Food Safety and Environmental Toxins

New Delhi, India

March 29-30, 2012

Modern society and its lifestyles have become a favoured hunting ground for all kinds of deadly toxins. Our food is contaminated with an astounding variety of pesticides and additives; our environment is contaminated with pollutants and toxins. The medicines we ingest are rapidly losing their bite because of overuse and misuse. And many products that we use – including children’s toys and baby bottles – are loaded with harmful chemicals.

The problem is not restricted to one country. Almost the whole of South Asia, with its teeming population, its food security imperatives and its lax regulatory controls, is plagued by it.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has been working on toxins and safety of food products for several years. In 2003-06, it had campaigned on the issue of pesticide residues in soft drinks; in 2004, a South Asian media briefing on the subject was organised in New Delhi. In the years that followed, CSE’s laboratory and campaign teams have kept up the tempo by conducting tests and studies on a variety of products – honey, cooking oils, household paints, children’s toys etc, to name a few.

CSE now invites you to attend its South Asian Media Briefing Workshop in New Delhi to share its understanding and knowledge of a range of issues under the broader subject of food safety and environmental toxins -- pesticides, junk food, contaminants, drugs of daily use, industrial contaminants, industrial liability, regulations and regulatory capacity. The two-day Workshop is expected to bring together scientists, civil society, experts and regulators working in these areas to brief journalists.

For more information or for applying, please get in touch with:

Souparno Banerjee
Media Resource Centre
Centre for Science and Environment
41, Tughlaqabad Institutional Area, New Delhi-62, India
Cellphone: 099108 64339
Land phones: 91-11-29956399, 29953394, 29951124
Fax: 91-11-29955879
E-mail: papia@cseindia.org / souparno@cseindia.org

Programme Schedule
Indian Media Participants
Presentation (Day 2)
Lead in Paints
Advertising in the Food Industry

By: Allan Collaco

Diabetes and Obesity in India:
Focus on Lifestyle of Young Individuals

By: Professor Anoop Misra

Presentations (Day 1)
Food as toxins – overview
Food safety and environmental toxins – the key challenges

By: Sunita Narain

From food adulteration to food contamination – the challenges of regulating food in South Asia
A case study of Gujarat

By: Dr. H.G. Koshia

Food Safety Situation in Nepal

By: Pramod Koirala

National Association of Street Vendors of India Delhi

By: Bony M

Contamination in our food – pesticides, antibiotics and growth promoters
The endosulfan ban and after

By: C Jayakumar

Chemical-free agriculture – the case of Andhra Pradesh

By: D V Raidu

Antibiotics in livestock and aquaculture

N G Jayasimha

The honey trade in India

By: Prakash Kejriwal

Use and misuse of antibiotics

By: Ranjit Roy Chaudhury

JPC Report on pesticide residues in Cola