CSE's summer programme 'Agenda for Survival' is accepting applications

New Delhi, March 20: There isn’t a better way to learn about the environment and the issues on the ground than by attending the ‘Agenda for Survival’ programme announced by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Tailored for young people and professionals between the age of 18 and 25 years who wish to understand the key environmental issues confronting India and the world, the programme allows opportunities to participants to see for themselves what communities experience in rural and urban India. 

The ‘Agenda for Survival’ is a month-long programme designed by CSE which offers a range of experiences to participants such as study of issues, interaction with policy-makers, field work and interaction with communities. The programme will be run from June 1 to 30. “This residential programme will give young minds an opportunity to interrogate policy-makers and activists, hear leading academics, policy pundits, lawyers, as well as learn from the grassroots communities and CSE’s research and advocacy team,” said Ranjita Menon, Director of CSE’s Environment Education programme.

Menon said that environmental issues in India and the world were more pressing than ever before and communities worldwide were more aware of the effects of environmental degradation and climate change. “However, the opportunities to learn about the subject is in-depth are very limited. This is one programme that addresses the need. This four week innovative program gives the youth of India an opportunity to evaluate issues that lie at the interface of environment and development; poverty; democracy, equity and justice,” she said.

Another highlight of the course was the field-based module that would help one explore the community-led-eco-restoration efforts of rural India

The interactive programme will have a number of assignments weaved in to make learning exciting and to help participants to polish their communication skills, field-based reporting and writing to understand environment as a subject. Participants will also get to publish their own magazine at the end of the programme with the help of CSE’s publication unit.

The residential programme is being offered at a very attractive course fee of Rs 26,000 which includes the cost of the programme, food and shared accommodation at a walking distance from training venue. Menon said special discounts were available to students of the faculty that attended CSE’s Knowledge Conclave. A few scholarships are available to outstation candidates, said Menon.

The form for applying for the programme can be accessed here: http://tinyurl.com/ha3fwo8

For more information, please visit http://cseindia.org/content/agenda-survival 

or contact:

Ranjita Menon – ranjita@cseindia.org or Sharmila Sinha –sharmila@cseindia.org