Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System for BEEDI Workers colony at neighborhood level

Location: Bengaluru
Scale: Community
Implementing organisation: CDD Society
Designed Capacity: 36 KLD for 600 users
Area : 542 sq m
Operational since : 2005
Beedi Workers Colony is situated near Kengeri Satellite Town in peri-urban Bengaluru. It is a group housing project of the government for the economically weaker section and their main occupation is “beedi making”. The housing project is funded under the Vambay scheme. Its objective is to achieve improved sanitation situation in the community.
The sewage streams are conveyed from all houses and collected in a common collection tank near the treatment location. The treatment system consists of settler, ABR and a PGF.
The settler ensures a removal of suspended solids while the ABR further treats suspended and dissolved solids anaerobically. The partially treated water from ABR enters the PGF where it is passed through planted gravel bed. After this the treated water is finally collected in the collection tank.
BOD reduction: 96%
COD reduction: 96%
The treated wastewater is reused for landscaping and safe disposal of wastewater helps in reduction of Environmental pollution. Also, Biogas produced is used by the colony residents for cooking.
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