DUSIB night shelter at KudesiaGhat

Site visit done by: Amrita Bhatnagar
Date of visit: 19 July, 2017

Location:Opposite ISBT Kashmere gate (28.670015, 77.233264)

Designed Capacity: 5000 litres and 2400 litres

Scale:Night shelter (serves ~150 people/day)

Operational since: 2016

Implementing Organisation: DUSIB

Capital Cost: N/A

Area: 4 square meters (approx.)

O&M: INR38,400/ Year (Cost for inoculum)

Project Background
DUSIB night shelter at KudesiaGhat was inaugurated in 2015. The night shelter was designed to house 50 people in the shelter, while the shelter receives 38 people on an average every day in summers while the number goes upto 60 during winters

Treatment technology

  • The site is installed with 3 toilets, of which 2 are connected to a biodigester with a capacity of 5000 litres and 1 toilet connected to biodigester with a capacity of 2400 litres
  • The biodigester has four sections and the wastewater from toilets passes through each section
  • Material used to create sections in the biodigester is covered with coir
  • Inoculum is added to the coir on the sectioning material which reduced the solid matter from the wastewater and acts as a filter to the liquid content 
  • Gas produced in the system during digestion is let out using vents
  • The system does not require any external energy for its operation
  • A gas vent provides passage for the gasses generated during decomposition to move out
  • The outlet of the bio digester is connected to a soak pit
  • Biodigesteris filled with inoculum (bacteria used for digestion of faecal sludge) up to 30% of the biodigester capacity
  • The biodigesters are lined with coir which increase the surface area for multiplication of the bacteria

Contact details:
Mr. Anil Bhan     
Superintendent Engineer