Environment and climate change activity book

June 26, 2020

CSE’s Green Schools Programme (GSP) has a raft of initiatives to help the students grasp the vital link between environment and everyday life. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to innovate and think of alternative ways to ensure that the process of learning continues, be it in a school environment or at home.

The Environment and Climate Change activity book has been designed in a way that children will be able to complete the tasks in a home environment while teachers can use the activities in the classroom to keep students engaged.

This book will:

  • Deliver comprehensive and detailed understanding of important environmental issues;
  • Provide knowledge on what can be done to protect various facets of environment;
  • Provide hands-on activities to stimulate learning by doing; and
  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking and making the right choice when it comes to environment protection.

This book is ideally for children in the age group of 10–14 years. The activities will help them understand concepts and explore ways to apply them in daily life. Parental guidance may also be required and parents are encouraged to participate with their children, making the activities a family bonding time.

With crosswords, scrambled words and word search, this book will pique the curiosity of children and lead them to delve further into the subject of environment. Interspersed are ‘Fun Facts’, ‘Key Tips’ and ‘Did you know?’ to enhance general knowledge of the environment, and stories and comic strips to engage children.



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