Expert Workshops on Resource Efficient and Low Carbon Walling Materials

Use of resource efficient and low carbon walling materials in the building and construction sector in India is the need of the hour today. 70 % of the buildings that will be present in 2030 are yet to be constructed. In the last few decades we have witnessed an unprecedented rise in the demand for raw materials required in the Buidling & Construction sector in India

With the looming threats of Climate Change and environmental degradation because of the unsustainable extraction of the raw materials, and their supply chains, it has become imperative that we use resource efficient walling materials during construction of our buildings – residential and commercial - and other infrastructure.

Centre for Science and Environment recognizes this need for resource efficiency in selecting and using the walling materials for building & construction and therefore invites different stakeholders across Telangana and Maharashtra, who are working within the Resource Efficient and Low Carbon Walling materials sector, or are associated with them in some way.

We look forward for a day-long interactive session in which various stakeholders will share their ideas on how to bring resource efficiency in procurement and use of raw materials within the state of Telangana and Maharashtra. The key topics of discussion will be as follows:

1. Legal requirements: Issues with Environmental Clearance Process and other relevant Laws and regulations applicable on procurement of raw materials such as soil/clay, sand, stone etc.

2. Value Chain: Potential areas within the supply chain of raw materials where resource efficiency can be infused

3. Alternative Materials and Technologies: Feasibility of alternative resource efficient raw materials for construction and required policy interventions

WORKSHOP DATES: To be finalised

WORKSHOP VENUES: To be finalized


CSE invites experts/ practitioners from within the Resource Efficient and Low Carbon Walling materials in Telangana and Maharashtra such as Contractors, Builders, Miners, Owners and Workers dealing with the industries such as Fly Ash, Brick Kilns, Supplies of Sand, Stone, Clay/Soil, C&D Waste, Limestone, and representatives from Labor Unions, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations.

Participants will be confirmed on first come first basis.

Please mention either Telangana or Maharashtra as your preferred state where you would like to attend the workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: There shall be NO FEES for attending this workshop 


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