Faecal Sludge and Septage Management in Chunar

March 27, 2020

Strategy Cum Operative Guidelines

Chunar Nagar Palika Parishad (CNPP) is mandated with, interalia, the function of “public health, sanitation, conservancy and solid waste management” in accordance with the 12th schedule of the constitution (74thConstitutional Amendment Act, 1992). The Municipalities Act has provided comprehensive powers to the Council and Executive Officer for effective collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of sewage (the definition of which includes septage) within municipal jurisdiction. In addition, national acts, policies, standards and guidelines as well as state sanitation strategies and building bye-laws on sewage and septage management need compliance at the municipal level. CNPP at present does not have sewerage system and the households which have individual toilets or use community toilets, all are dependent on onsite sanitation systems. Inadequate attention to the subject in the past has led to poor faecal sludge and septage management (FSSM) and contributed to pollution of water bodies and environment, resulting in deterioration of public health in the city.


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