Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant for Chunar sanctioned by NMCG; Water Programme, CSE provides technical support to Cities in UP/NMCG Towns

Water team, CSE invited to NMCG Executive Committee Meeting for the Sanctioning of the pilot FSTP Plant in Chunar on 15/02/2019. Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Senior Director, Water Programme, CSE presented salient features of the proposal. 

The Committee welcomed this initiative from CSE in addressing Faecal Sludge Management in cities in Ganga basin and hoped that this project would be used as a best practice in FSM across the Ganga Basin especially in towns not connected to sewerage network and agreed to fund the project.

Chunar city with a population of 37,185 is situated on the bank of River Ganga in Uttar Pradesh. The city is dependent on onsite sanitation system. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and NMCG to develop Chunar as a model city to showcase urban sanitation programming at a citywide scale through non-conventional approach. Further, CSE and Chunar Nagar Palika Paishad will sign an MoU under which technical support will be provided by CSE to Nagar Palika for citywide sanitation planning and Faecal Sludge management.

To know read more about sanitation situation in Chunar city: https://www.susana.org/_resources/documents/default/3-3496-7-1544619817.pdf