Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant at Bijoli, Jhansi

Scale of service

City  level

Area of installation

1 acre


Faecal sludge


Treated Water

Year of Installation


Capital investment (INR)

2.1 crore

No. of Users/people affected


Designed capacity


Operation and Maintenance

INR 27.6 lakhs/year

Construction and O&M responsibility

Private Operator

Location of the technology:

The plant is located near the Bijoli Industrial Area in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. The Bijoli FSTP at the periphery of city from where Madhya Pradesh starts.

Need for technology

To provide sanitation service within the service area in the form of Feacal management system in the most cost effective, healthy work environment and environmentally responsive method.

System Description:


  1. Plant dying beds (PDBs): Applying to the planted dying beds which are loaded with layers of sludge to get dewatered and stabilized through multiple biological and physical mechanisms.
  2. Integrated Settler and Anaerobic Filter(AF): The percolate from PDBs is subjected to treatment in the integrated settler and anaerobic filter (AF) in which settler is a primary technology for wastewater and AF consists three chambers in which pipes enable water to reach at tank’s bottom where the suspended solids undergo anaerobic degradation.
  3. Horizontal Planted Gravel Filter: It’s a tertiary treatment unit where the pollutants are degraded aerobically. HPGF is made up from planted filter materials consisting graded gravel bed and it’s necessary to remove the odour and colour to enrich WW with oxygen.
  4. Stabilization Reactor: Its objective is to allow the sludge to digest anaerobically which leads to reduction in organic load and better the dewater ability.
  5. Sludge Dying Beds: It has permeable bed filled with several drainage layers. It percolated leachate and allows the sludge to dry by percolation and evaporation.
  6. Settler: This is a rectangular tank in which faecal sludge is discharged into an inlet at the top of one side and the effluent leaves through an outlet on the opposite site and solid settles at bottom of the tank.
  7. Anaerobic Filter: It is used for secondary treatment for pre-treated wastewater upon the filter area.
  8. Vertical Planted Gravel Filter: This technology is appropriate where trained mechanical staff, constant power supply and spare parts are available. A vertical flow constructed wetland is a planted filter bed for secondary and tertiary treatment. 


 Vedio: Faecal Sludge Management in Jhansi



Naveen Gupta
Operator of Feceal Sludge Treatement plant
Contact No.- 7879355961