Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has been working with cities to promote and implement source-segregation model of waste management. To advance this work and to create a movement in the country on source-segregation, CSE launched the ‘Forum of Cities that Segregate’ on 12th December 2017. Under this forum, 20 cities from 13 states came together to ensure that they adopt 100 per cent source segregation and become the pioneers of waste management in the country. These cities are aspiring to be the focal points for other cities to learn waste management. 

Main objectives of the forum are: 

  • Developing a knowledge exchange platform for participating cities on solid waste management (SWM)
  • Training and capacity building on the source-segregation model of SWM
  • Tracking and assessing the progress of cities
  • Forum cities to become pioneer cities and handhold other cities on technical, economic and social aspects of SWM
  • Forum shall collate the feedback and inputs from the forum cities and provide policy-relevant information to the state governments and Centre on SWM.
  • Documentation of best practices on forum website