FSTP at Brahamapuram, Kerala


100 KLD

Area of installation

1200 Sq. m


(Such as Excreta +
Flush water +
Urine +
Anal cleansing


Such as Methane and
golden coloured water

Year of Installation


Capital investment (INR)

Rs 4.25Cr to build +
5 years operations

Scale of service

Serves Cochin and
surrounding areas

Treatment time


Location of the technology:10°00'11.1"N 76°22'41.7"E

Need for technology

To reduce the health hazard caused by the dumping of septage in water bodies and open spaces in Ernakulam and adjoining areas.

System description

This is anaerobic digestion process where Faecal sludge is pumped from the bottom into the reactor, influent suspended solids and bacterial growth lead to the formation of sludge blanket. Bacteria in the sludge blanket break down organic matter by anaerobic digestion, transforming it into biogas. After high volume-reduction, the digested sludge is further dried for reuse.

Key features:

  • The sludge blanket is kept in suspension by the flow regime and formed gas bubbles
  • A separator at the top of the reactor allows to recover biogas for energy production, nutrient effluent for agriculture and to retain the sludge in the reactor
  • Sludge accumulation is low and the desludged sludge from the reactor is dewatered and can be dried in drying beds

Operation and maintenance:

Electricity Consumed ( In units)


Maintenance of the installation

Excess sludge is required to be removed from the reactor Feeder
pump and control of organic loads requires skilled staff for
operation and maintenance

O&M cost (INR)

 Rs. 24000-30000 / KLD

Technology provider perspective:

  • Requires skilled staff and is sensitive to variable flows.
  • Biosafe nature of the process outputs need to be ascertained

Picture annexure:


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