Global South Water, Waste Water and Sanitation Initiative (GSWSI) Workshop

The event is now completed

Date: July 22, 2022
Time: 2:30 – 4:30 PM (IST)
Participation by Invitation


Water and waste water considerations in the in most developing global south countries, can no longer be segregated into rural and urban dualities.Dependence of cities on water and their un treated waste water footprint impacts rural areas and natural habitats. While the SDGs try to drill the understanding that all development goals are interlinked and one cannot be reached without addressing the others, this does not often translate into the work of government and NGOs that often have different programmes, ministries and projects that deal with different aspects of the same problem.

Urban water and waste water issues often end up developing tools and frameworks that address ground water or surface water of city, in a limited frame of city administrative boundaries. Within a city, inequity(social and economic), often translates into unequal access to all services, including water.

Given the expanding city populations that now mostly reside in poorly constituted inofrmal settlements, interventions for designing water sensitive solutions as part of planned urban development interventions, are severly constrained in their application to informal settlements.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India under its global water programme has over the past 10 years engaged with more than 15 local and international organisations across 15+ countries in Asia and Africa, and has developed long-term partnerships with various institutions to mainstream sustainable urban water management practices. As we work towards achieving our SDGs, it is important that we develop mechanisms for action research, knowledge-sharing, capacity building and implementation of model/pilot projects.

Aim & Objectives

The initial online consultation is aimed at initiating an engagement with key water sector players and practitioners in the global south. Todiscuss opportunities for developing regional partnerships for sustainable water and waste water management practices and to undertake any collaborative, research, capacity development, policy or program initiatives.

This will be followed with a Global South Water and Waste water and Sanitation Learning event that CSE is howing in Delhi/India in Nov 2022.

For more information, please contact:

Workshop Coordinator

Dr Sumita Singhal
Programme Manager, Urban Water
Centre for Science and Environment, India

Workshop Director

Depinder Singh Kapur
Director, Water Programme
Centre for Science and Environment, India



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Introduction and Context Setting, India
By: Depinder Kapur, CSE
Sanitation status, issues and challenges and areas of collaboration in Nepal
By: Sanjay Adhikari, ENPHO
SANITI - Sanitation Transformation Initiative South Africa
By: Jay Bhagwan, WRC
Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) - Uganda
By: Christopher Kanyesigye, NWSC
CWIS SSA TA Hub - Senegal
By: Malick M. Madeira, CWIS TA Hub
Webinar recording
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