Gobar Times Green Schools Programme takes a global leap

With an eventful and exciting three-year stint behind it, GTGSP is racing ahead in its fourth lap in India - but its sights are no longer confined within the country. In 2009, EEU entered the international arena, forging partnerships with governments and other global agencies in a bid to reach out to a wider and more diverse community of people.

The objective is to create country-specific versions of the programme, so that schools in other parts of the world too, can become active players and campaigners of  the GTGSP.

The GTGSP team is currently exploring new territories that stretch from the Middle East to Africa. Its first global venture is in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

GSP’s UAE avatar

The Abu Dhabi Emirate has introduced environment in its curriculum in a bid to spread awareness among its citizens, who are rated to be among the world’s most intensive consumers. And it has identified CSE’s Green Schools Programme as the mode of reaching out to the school students, across the country. Since conditions and lifestyle of the nations are extremely diverse, the GSP manual has been customized by CSE to suit the needs and sensibilities of the UAE citizens, while retaining the basic message of ‘wise-use’ that is the foundation of the original. 

GSP is the key component in the Sustainable Schools Initiative launched by the Environmental Awareness Section - Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Future ahead

This joint production is a front-runner for more such editions in the future that CSE plans to develop in partnership with other nations.

Here’s to a steadily swelling rank GTGSP ambassadors who will, together, work to bring about change in every nook and corner of this Planet!

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