Guidelines for better fleet maintenance

April 15, 2022

Bus transit agencies are facing the crippling challenges of reduced ridership and earnings, and deteriorating bus services. This has been aggravated by the pandemic that has further eroded bus ridership. A quick turn around is needed. To make that happen, the bus sector requires urgent revival and expansion. A new national bus scheme is expected to add 20,000 buses to the urban fleet soon. But the current and augmented fleet can deliver on their service goals only if several crucial steps are taken to reform the bus service. One such measure, which is also one of the least understood, is the role of depot-based bus fleet management and maintenance practices. These practices have a significant impact on the overall performance, cost of operations and enhancement of reliable services.

This bus guidance framework has been prepared to inform and support infrastructure planning for improved fleet maintenance and management of bus depots. This is a detailed step-by-step manual.



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