Hyderabad City Dialogue on Air Quality and Transportation Challenge: An Agenda for Action

Organised by:

Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board and Centre for Science and Environment October 07, 2010

APPCB Auditorium, Paryavaran Bhavan, A-3, Industrial Estate, Sanatnagar, Hyderabad

New Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment in collaboration with the Andhra Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APPCB) is jointly organizing a half a day event -- “Hyderabad City Dialogue on Air quality and transportation challenge: An agenda for action” on October 07, 2010 at 9.30 am in APPCB auditorium at Paryavaran Bhavan, A-3, Industrial Estate, Sanatnagar, Hyderabad.

This is part of our ongoing effort to engage to strengthen policy action on clean air and public health as well as urban mobility in our cities and raise public awareness. This collaborative workshop will bring together the key regulators civil society groups, experts and industry representatives from the city, who are involved with city governance, air pollution and transportation policies. This will also be an opportunity to share experiences and lessons from Delhi and other cities.

It is encouraging to know that Hyderabad has already planned and implemented a variety of measures to reduce air pollution and is on its way to evolve the next generation policy measures. This dialogue forum will help to capture the learning in our cities, and help to evolve strategies for more effective policy action.

The objective is to find ways to address critical issues of common concerns and look at a range of strategies for air quality management; public health protection; and the challenges of public transport and congestion reduction strategies. Solutions can emerge from deeper understanding of our mutual concerns, the diversity of issues, and, implementation challenges in our cities.

Key highlights of the agenda

  • Citizen’s report on clean air and transportation challenges: An agenda for action

  • Status of city action and leveraging city action plan for cleaner air and sustainable mobility

Debate: Setting the agenda for action in Hyderabad