IICT: Technical and tender document for detoxification, decommissioning and dismantling of Union Carbide plant, February, 2010


Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), manufacturesd a pesticide called Sevin, at the production facility in Bhopal, for which one of the raw materials is Methylisocyanate (MIC). MIC was also being produced in an adjacent plant. After the catastrophic release of MIC in December 1984, the remaining MIC stored in storage tanks and in other units was processed to produce Sevin and subsequently all the units were shut down. It has been decided to detoxify, decommission and dismantle the production units for which a detailed technical and tender document has been prepared by IICT. The plants are now in a highly corroded condition and many equipment and pipelines are missing. The complete report is in two volumes.

i) Volume I contains technical details of all the equipment, detailed methods of detoxification, dismantling and the suggested format of the Tender, which includes commercial and legal terms and conditions.

ii) Volume II contains the drawings showing details of the plant and piping and the process flow diagrams for the detoxification of various components.

The following sections give a brief outline of the Detoxification, Dismantling and ecommissioning
methods for whatever remain of the equipment, pipelines and the structure.