India's biggest online interactive tool on food and diet launched

‘KNOW YOUR DIET’, designed by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), will allow people to know about their food and dietary habits

Tool would help understand what is India eating and shape future food policies

  • Tool focused on changing food habits and diet-related health issues -- a huge step towards the ‘Good Food’ movement in India

  • Designed to help users know their food and dietary habits through a personal diet report based on their consumption patterns; a first-of-its kind comprehensive initiative

  • Available in English and Hindi, the tool would benefit anyone of nine years or above; can be accessed from computers, smart phones or tablets. Hindi version titled ‘Apna Ahaar Janein’ 

  • CSE encourages people to use this tool and benefit – many schools, colleges and companies have already joined the ‘Good Food’ movement 

New Delhi, September 20, 2016: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has launched an online interactive tool ‘KNOW YOUR DIET’ ( to help people know about their food and dietary habits.  

“What we eat affects our health. But most of us do not know what we eat and how it affects our health. KNOW YOUR DIET is a first of its kind initiative to help people of India know about their food and dietary habits. We hope that it will ignite a ‘Good Food’ movement in our country,” said Chandra Bhushan, deputy director general of CSE, while launching the tool here today.

Aimed at addressing the transitioning food habits and growing burden of diet-related non-communicable diseases in our country, the KNOW YOUR DIET interactive tool focuses on crucial themes such as awareness on food labels as well as connection between food and health; a balanced diet and consumption of foods and beverages which are packaged, non-packaged and cooked outside home. 

Users will get an easy to understand personal diet report comprising feedback and advice based on the answers selected by them across a set of simple survey questions each taking few minutes. Users will also get answers to frequently asked questions on food and diet. There are no costs involved. ‘Apna Ahaar Janein’ is the Hindi version which can be accessed at the same website. 

 “Anybody who is nine years or above and knows Hindi or English can benefit from the tool. It can be accessed through a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Food habits of adults and school children are addressed separately,” said Amit Khurana, senior programme manager, food safety and toxins, CSE. 

The tool has been supported by expert inputs from doctors and nutritionists. However, it does not intend to replace in-person professional consultation. The tool is also expected to help policymakers know what the people of this country are eating and shape food-related policies in India.

“From across India, over 25 schools, colleges and universities have already joined us in this initiative. Several companies have also expressed their interest. We would like institutions to come forward and participate. We encourage people of this country to use this tool and be a part of the ‘Good Food’ movement,” said Bhushan.

Speaking on the occasion, CSE director general Sunita Narain said: ‎"India needs a clear policy to promote good food. We cannot afford food that is bad for health and bad for the environment. This tool will help us push for better policy and practices on promotion of good food.” 


The tool comprises one ‘Main Survey’ and six mini surveys that focus on different aspects of food and health:

  • Food and health

  • Food labels and you

  • Fruits you eat

  • Vegetables you eat

  • Beverages you drink

  • Household consumption

It also comprises a specifically designed ‘School Children Survey’. 

  • To use this online interactive tool, please click here.

  • To watch the promotional video, check out here 

  • To know more, please contact Vrinda Nagar, CSE Media Resource Centre, at 9654106253/, Sonam Taneja of the CSE Food Safety and Toxins team, / 98187 31968.