Intern for a Sanitation Project

Duration of Internship : 15th September to  14th December, 2016 (Three months)

Background of project -  

Sanitation remains the most off-track of all Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), with an estimated 2.6 billion people not having access to safe and hygienic toilet facilities that ensure health and dignity. It is now well recognized that not only access to safe sanitation is key for public health, but also access to safe emptying and transportation services for onsite sanitation (OSS) technologies. 

As part of a 11 city study on sanitation, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) attempted to visualize excreta flows through the individual components of the sanitation service chain, focusing on the percentage of excreta being safely managed at each step. The so-called Shit (excreta)-Flow-Diagrams provide a tool to visualize excreta flows in a simple way to help policy makers and practitioners realize the importance of FSM in sanitation.

CSE as a part of consortium, consisting of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für international Zusammenarbeit GmbH), Water and Sanitation Programme of the world Bank, water@leeds research group of the University of Leeds, Loughborough University – Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC),  has contributed 11 SFDs from eleven selected cities(Delhi, Dewas, Agra, Cuttack, Srikakulam, Tumkur, Gwalior, Tiruchirappalli, Bikaner, Aizwal, Solapur). Delhi and Dewas entailed in depth data collection from the field and desk based data collection. In continuation to the SFD –I, SFD II includes similar work with demand a driven approach from ULBs which is a handholding support for preparation of SFDs.  

Qualifications : 

Water Programme of CSE is seeking 3-4 motivated personnel, fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in/Completed a Master’s Program in environmental management, engineering, planning or anything related to sanitation.

  • Basic knowledge of sanitation and wastewater/faecal sludge management.

  • The job involves extensive field work; hence candidate should be willing to travel.

  • Exceptional communication skills as candidate needs to take personal interviews of various stakeholders

  • Good knowledge (reading, speaking and writing) of English and Hindi.

  • Female candidates are encouraged 


The stipend will be paid according to CSE policies.

To apply

Ms Priyanka Dutta - email Applications should include a cover letter and CV. Deadline for submission of application: 12.09.2016.


For further details of project contact - Mr Shantanu Kumar- email: