International Exposure Visit on Septage and Faecal Sludge Management in Malaysia - 6-8 February, 2017

 CSE recently organized the International Exposure Visit on Septage and Faecal Sludge Management from 6-8 February, 2017 in Malaysia. This programme is the follow up to the second handholding training progamme and the national exposure visit. This exposure visit is part of a five stage handholding process for the preparation of CSPs for select Ganga basin cities. 

10 officials from Bihar and West Bengal states were involved in the International  Field Exposure Visit. Participants included All Mayors , Municipal Commissioner /Senior Official (Alumni)  of target cities and State Special Secretary / Nodal Officer  etc.

Malaysia has successfully developed policies and implemented best management practices for effective septage management. This offered a great learning experience for Indian cities that face similar challenges. CSE in partnership with National Sewerage Company, Malaysia ( Indah Water Konsortium) a wholly government company responsible for planning, designing and successful implementation of septage management in Malaysia organized the visit. Participants were provided the opportunity to witness and gain exposure to the BMPs of septage / faecal sludge management in Malaysia. 

Aim: To demonstrate successful implementation of sustainable septage / faecal sludge management BMPs in Malaysia. 


  • To provide the opportunity to interact and gain exposure through beneficiaries and implementers of projects / BMPs implemented in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

  • To get exposure on the techno-economic feasibility for planning, designing and implementing BMPs for sustainable septage / faecal sludge management. 

  • To show cost effective, natural and successfully implemented projects in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- across different scales.

For further details contact: 

Ms. Ridhima Gupta
Programme Officer, CSE

Ms. Rajratna Sardar
Programme Officer, CSE

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Programme Director, CSE



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