Basic information: personal profile

Name: Mahesh Pandya
Organisation: Paryavaran Mitra
Designation/position: Director
Place (village/town/city and state): Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Key expertise (what the person’s field of work is): EIA/RTI/Advocacy (legislative and parliamentary human rights and social justice)
Contact number: 079-26851321, 26551801

2. What is the organisation (that this person is a member of) involved in? What does it do? What are its key areas of work?

EPH, Env Audit (Social Audit), CDM Monitoring Advocacy
3. What is the current campaign/conflict/programme that the organisation is involved in which has a direct bearing on this Dialogue’s topic?

EPH, 2 PIL file in HC
4. What are her/his or her/his organisation’s recommendations or suggestions on the issue of green clearances? Would s/he like to put forth some demands that can be included in the Citizen’s Charter?

Social audit/social monitoring