Janki Devi Memorial College's Rainwater Harvesting System

Got 2nd rank in Institutional category. , Janki Devi Memorial College receiving Rs 1 Lakh award from Chief minister

Total rooftop and surface area:
32,170 square metres (sq m)

Average annual rainfall in Delhi:
611 millimetres (mm)

Total volume of rainwater harvested: 6880 cubic metres (m³)

or 68,80,000 litres
This represents about 35 per cent of the total rainwater harvesting potential.

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The three borewells inside the campus cater to the total water requirements of the college. 


ROOFTOP WATER HARVESTING: The runoff from the terrace of the college building is channelised into three recharge wells located at three different locations, each measuring 1m x 1m x 2m. All the rooftop rainwater outlets, except that from the Tutorial Block, discharge into stormwater drains and then to the recharge structures. In the Tutorial Block, a network of pipes linked through chambers take the rainwater to the recharge wells. To facilitate groundwater recharge, all structures are provided with 15m deep borewells of 150mm diameter. Layer of bricks filled inside the recharge well ensures proper filtration of harvested water. 

SURFACE RUNOFF WATER HARVESTING: The runoff from the unpaved area is intercepted at the main gate by a collection trench. From here the runoff eventually drains into an abandoned open well, which facilitates groundwater recharge.

The project was implemented in June 2001. The cost of the entire rainwater harvesting system was Rs 0.70 lakh.


Water level data

The Janki Devi Memorial College is located in Delhi's Ridge area. The water level in the college premises was 35.8 m below ground level (bgl) in May 2002. After implementing the rainwater harvesting system on the campus, water levels rose remarkably. The water level in September 2002 was 22.1m (bgl) while in May 2003 it was 25.0 m (bgl), a rise of 10.6 m even during this peak summer month. The water level in July 2003 was recorded at 35.9 m (bgl).

Results of monitroing
Water level 2006  
Water level 2005
Water level 2002-2004


Water Level 2006


Water Level 2005

water level


Water Quality 2005

Water Quality 2004

Water Level 2002-2004

water level trends


Water quality data 2002

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Ms. Aruna Ludra, Lecturer (Retired), English Department

"No one knew what rainwater harvesting was all about when we decided to take it up in our college. As the work began the students grew curious and wanted to know more about it. Now everyone wants to adopt it."

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Ms Aruna Ludra

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