MEDIA BRIEFING: Controlling air pollution through fiscal measures (taxes and pricing)

Has diesel pricing deregulation helped address toxic risk from diesel vehicles?’

Jacaranda 2, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

November 28, 2014

10 AM-5.00 PM

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites you to a day-long briefing on whether diesel price deregulation has helped bring down the pollution caused by diesel vehicles.

While Indian cities are falling in the pincer grip of air pollution and its deadly health impacts, there is very little understanding of how fiscal measures – taxes and pricing of fuels and vehicles – can help address the problem. In this briefing, CSE will examine this issue through the subject of diesel.

Controlling urban air pollution is turning out to be an enormous challenge not only because of the rising numbers of total vehicles, but also due to the increased toxic risk from growing numbers of diesel cars. In India, diesel cars that follow the adapted standards from Europe are ‘legally’ allowed to emit nearly three times more nitrogen oxides and several times more particulates than comparable petrol cars. Last year, the World Health Organization has reclassified diesel emission as a class I carcinogen for its strong links with lung cancer – in short, diesel emission is now as deadly as smoking. 

Countries across the world are focusing on fiscal measures to control dieselisation. Is India prepared for that? Diesel prices have been deregulated here, but the tax differential remains. This differential still acts as an incentive for people to buy diesel cars. We need a strategy to control dieselisation and to quickly phase in clean diesel.

This CSE briefing will provide you with a clear picture of where fiscal measures on diesel stand in India. There are only 25 seats for outstation mediapeople in this briefing. CSE will support the travel and accommodation of selected outstation media participants. Journalists based and working in India will be preferred.

Kindly send us an email with your coordinates if you are interested.

Souparno Banerjee,
Mobile: 9910864339