Methane Emissions From Open Dumpsites in India

September 21, 2023

Open dumpsites and landfills are significant contributors of anthropogenic methane gas. Since a considerable portion of waste in India is biodegradable, municipal solid waste when disosed of in dumpsites or landfills, emits methane for years, even if the landfill is scientifically closed. The global warming potential of methane is 28 times higher than that of carbon dioxide.

While emissions from the oil and gas sector have received adequate attention, the waste sector also requires urgent intervention. The present report argues that quantities of methane emission from all the dumpsites across the country should be assessed based on the ground data. It also provides an insight on mitigation strategies for minimizing methane emissions from dumpsites by biomining and bioremediation, and by ensuring scientific treatment of municipal solid waste generated across the country.


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