National Workshop for Experience Sharing Role of ULBs in designing strategies for clean air

With special focus on C&D waste management and mobility strategies including parking and NMT

February 16 - 17, 2023
Hotel Hindustan International

Draft Programme
The objective of this workshop is to build a cross learning platform for urban local bodies (ULBs) to support and enrich their implementation strategies for clean air under the National Clean Air Programme. This first in the series workshop will deep dive into two critical areas that fall directly under the jurisdiction of the ULBs – waste management including construction and demolition (C&D) waste, and, mobility strategies including non-motorised transport (NMT) and parking as a demand management measure that are now part of the monitoring and reporting requirements under the clean air action plans. 

Selected ULBs and urban agglomerations are now directly funded under the 15th Finance Commission to implement strategies for clean air. The Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA), that includes the non-attainment cities of Kolkata, Howrah and Barrackpore as well as 41 ULBs, is one of them. Moreover, a clean air plan has also been framed for the KMA region following the directives of the National Green Tribunal. While the multi-sector clean air action plans involve several other sectors and departments, the key sources of pollution that ULBs directly mitigate include waste burning, C&D waste, road dust, NMT and vehicle restraint measures like parking management and low emissions zones. This has therefore created and enormous opportunity and demand for knowledge at the ULB level to design robust strategies for implementation in these sub-sectors. Several ULBs in the KMA region have initiated the implementation process.  Similarly, several other ULBs and cities in other states have alsodeployed good practice measures. This provides an important learning curve for all. 

Therefore, this national workshop aims to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst the ULBs/cities on specific strategies and understand the emerging good practices in the country to enrich the implementation in KMA. This two day workshop will bring together the national experts and practitioners from other states and the concerned officials from the 41 ULBs. Day 1 will focus on the NMT, parking management and low emissions zones strategies for clean air. Day 2 will focus on the emerging good practices and technologies in the management of C&D waste and also illustrate the emerging business model in solid waste management in other cities.

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