Natural Biological System (NBS)™ Technology

The Natural Biological System, a holistic approach to water purification, to provide water security all around the world. To the use and reuse of water, providing a fast, low cost, simple, sustainable solution with minimal dependence on human interaction, a low carbon footprint, and zero energy use, supplying constant clean, safe water to the environment. This complex and modular system provides an efficient and sustainable purification treatment method that is suitable in all environmental conditions and for all pollutant sources. It relies on nature-based tools, including the activity of plants together with microorganism communities in their root zone. Together they degrade, accumulate, extract, and volatilize contaminants of all kinds in water, soil, and the air, resulting in the clean and purified outflow.

The NBS uses local natural and human resources and is designed to withstand extreme fluctuations in the quality of inflow, fluctuations in climate, and, to last theoretically, forever. Its design guidelines are based on the basic laws of nature and thermodynamic principles: everything is degradable, and energy transfers from one element to another. Solar energy, gravity, specific hydrology regimes, different plant species, natural oxygenators, natural metabolite accelerators, and sufficient macro and microelements, all-natural components create the NBS.
Portable Nature Based Solution (PNBS)™

Salient Features of (NBS):

  1. Aesthetic and speedy installation
  2. Construction costs of AYALA systems are substantially more economical than that of energy-consuming technology systems
  3. The solution is modular and provides a solution to any problem scale.
  4. Maintenance costs are negligible
  5. The system is an effective and affordable way to rehabilitate brownfield sites. 
  6. An intensive, properly designed NBS can function as a very powerful air clarifier, especially in urban areas
  7. The functioning of the system improves steadily through the years
  8. The systems are adapted to the site’s conditions and actually enhance and beautify the landscape.
  9. The technology is able to cope with a large variety of pollutants simultaneously.
  10. It ensures implementation in areas where land availability is scarce while making scaling up of operations relatively simple
Portable Nature Based Solution (PNBS)™

The PNBS™ is a modular, flexible, long-lasting, cost-effective, easy to install, stable, energy-free, nature-based water treatment technology. This fills a significant technical gap, especially in remote areas lacking good water. Conventional decentralized systems keep failing due to lack of reliable energy resources, need for skilled operation teams, and high CAPEX & OPEX, which is hard to finance. It is the most cost-effective and immediate solution for good water scarcity in rural and remote regions and fills a gap where no other feasible solution is available.

The technology is based on the combined action of a tailored mixture of substrates, differing hydrologic profiles, and the combination of biotic and abiotic elements, which transforms through natural forces and thermodynamic principles.  The pollutants contained in the wastewater into sequestered and inactive forms, without fuel energy, surpass standard wastewater treatment plant schemes. The result is a cutting-edge, "out of the box" competitive system that treats wastewater from 4 to 40 m3/day to the highest legal standards for discharge and irrigation reuse, breaking the water-energy nexus.


Salient Features of PNBS™:
  • The Portable NBS™, patented, is engineered in modular and mobile units.
  • Treatment capacity 10-40 m3 of water/day in respect to inlet quality and desired output quality.
  • Specially designed and engineered for easy transportation and maneuverability
  • Energy and maintenance free
  • Quick, reliable long-lasting solution for remote areas/residents
  • Applications: Varied/unlimited
  • Dimensions: Length 5.85 mt Width 2.25 mt (approx.)

There are 3 registered Patents for products based on the NBS technology:

  • The Ayala Portable NBS (PNBS)
  • The Ayala EcoRich
  • The Ayala Portable Toilet system



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