Online Training Course & Workshop: An Introduction to Climate Change: Science, Politics and Impacts

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Dates: July 25 - August 5, 2022
Last date for applications: July 18, 2022
Total duration: 2 weeks (10 working days)
Training load: Approximately 7-8 hours per week
Language of instruction: English

The School of Climate Change, under the Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (a Centre for Science and Environment initiative) invites applications for an online training programme on climate change, its science, politics, and impacts.


CSE has been well known for influencing the design of international climate policy since well before such policy was enshrined in formal institutions. Whether it is the landmark paper released in 1991 by Sunita Narain and Anil Agarwal, calling for a decolonisation of carbon budget accounting, or CSE’s commentary on every UN climate meeting since 1992, to our recent analyses of the implications of the US elections for climate action. Through this, and our publications on climate-critical topics, CSE has led the discourse in climate policy for three decades advocating for equity, the principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities, and investing in resilient economies for the poor. 

This training programme is open to any civil society member, government official, student, professional or educator looking to understand the key concepts that drive discourse on the science and politics of climate change. The syllabus is based on our recently published book Climate Change: Science and Politics. 

This course will help an individual to make sense of the multiple correlated crises we are facing due to anthropogenic climate change, the political treaties and negotiations that comprise the bulk of our response to these crises, and an understanding of how the responsibility to adopt a low-carbon development path is distributed across nations of varying wealth. 

Course structure and format
Spread over 10 working days, the programme is open to anyone interested in the subject of climate change, and will offer a mix of self-guided reading, two live lectures by renowned experts, a group activity, two individual assignments, and regular Q&A with CSE’s climate change specialists. No prior knowledge of climate change is required. 

The course structure would be as follows:

  • The science and impacts of climate change
  • Emissions
  • International and domestic climate policies
  • Who is responsible?
  • State of climate negotiations

Registration Closed

For more information Please contact the CSE Climate Change Team at



Training Fee
Indian participants: Rs. 3,500
Global participants: USD 100
Training Date
July 25 - Aug 5, 2022
Last date for receiving applications
July 18, 2022
A total of 212 individuals have been certified by this course so far. What some of them have to say about the course…
“Very well planned and executed. Content and assignments were well balanced in width and depth. One of my best short course experiences to date. I really enjoyed learning from this course. A big thanks to CSE for giving me the opportunity.”
Saumyaditya Bose, Bose Consultancy Services
“Well-designed. Timely availability of reading materials and group presentation, and provision for commentary”
Naresh Kumar Garg, Retired Associate Professor in Economics from S. M. J. N. (P. G.) College, Haridwar
“Inclusion of team activities and guest lectures were really one of the things to clap for the course, and the team working out everything for the participants.”
Govind Soni, Directorate of Census Operations, Assam, Ministry of Home Affairs
“Good quality material. Clear opinions backed by solid data. Friendly and helpful attitude of the organizing team. Well done. Thanks for all the good work you are doing. CSE is truly the leader in environmental thinking in India.”
Luke Rodrigues, Society of Jesus
“I liked the modules into which the content was precisely formulated, making it easy to take the content step by step, and also the live interactive sessions by knowledgeable speakers.”
Neha K N, Student
“It was detailed in nature and gave everyone equal opportunity to express. The team was highly qualified in the subject domain.”
Shivani Jhariya, Heliosvento Power Infra OPC Pvt Ltd
“The group presentation activity was the most praiseworthy initiative by the climate training since it helped me learn a lot of things like build my communication skills, help me interact with the fellow participants and learn so much from their experiences.”
Shrutika Vichare, Student
“The course material was rich in detail and challenging to engage with for me. I liked that because it made me realize how little I know about climate change, impacts and how political will is an important factor in solving global issues.”
Sneha Rajan, Tata Institute of Social Sciences