Online Training on Reducing Environmental Footprint of Coal Power Plants

Coal-based power plants are one of the major contributors to the overall emissions from various industrial sectors. This sector is also extremely water intensive and generate huge amounts of ash.

The future of coal sector will depend on the its ability to reduce overall environmental footprints. Coal-based thermal power plants in India can significantly reduce their pollution load by meeting emission standards for PM, SO2, & NOx. To meet these standards thermal power plants, need to install and upgrade emission control technologies such as Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), Flue gas desulphurization (FGD) and Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR/SNCR) by 2022. Reducing water footprints and fly ash utilization are also crucial issues needs to be addressed by the sector. With that, global warming and climate change concerns requires the sector to rapidly reduce carbon footprints of its fleet.

CSE recognizes the need to enhance skills amongst various stakeholders to ensure timely implementation of the pollution norms and reducing overall environmental footprints of coalbased power plants. Keeping this in view, Centre for Science & Environment, New Delhi is organizing a two-week online training programme on ªReducing Environmental Footprint of Coal Power Plantsº This online training aims to give the comprehensive overview of thermal power sector with the following learning outcomes: 

  • Overview of Coal-based Power Sector in India
  • New Emission norms and abatement technologies
  • Pollution Monitoring in thermal power plant: Continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS)
  • Strategies to reduce Carbon footprints of coal sector
  • Energy water nexus; Water footprints of thermal power plant
  • Other issues related to thermal power plants: fly ash and FGD gypsum utilization etc

The course will be conducted online through presentations, videos, knowledge sharing by experts, and reading material. The course is self-paced, you can submit assignment/quizzes anytime before the end date.

Open to all stakeholders interested in understanding the environmental impacts of India's coal power sector. (Industry representatives, Regulators, Researchers, Academia, Civil Society, Lawyers etc.)


Vinay Trivedi
Senior Research Associate
Industrial Pollution Unit
Centre for Science & Environment
Mobile: +91-8404083785


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JULY 27 - AUGUST 9, 2020
20 hours (10 hours per week)
JULY 15, 2020
INR 3,500/- (Indian participants)
USD 100 (international participants)
Online Course