June 12, 2018


On June 8, Delhi’s peak electricity demand broke all previous records, hitting a new high of 6,934 megawatt (MW) at 3:28 PM. A new analysis by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), released here today, shows how the insidious link between subsidised electricity, rising ambient temperature, growing use of air conditioners (AC) and inadequate central regulations for energy performance of ACs, is triggering the huge demand for electricity in Delhi.

CSE has carried out an analysis of electricity consumption this summer to understand the trends and nature of demand in the city, and the likely impact of growing dependence on air conditioning to escape the heat. Electricity consumption data has been sourced from daily and monthly reports of the State Load Dispatch Center, Delhi, the apex body which ensures integrated operation of Delhi’s power system.

Historical data has been sourced from the annual and Load Generation Balance Reports of the Central Electricity Authority.

Consumer and demographic data is sourced from the Delhi Statistical Handbook, while the weather data source is the India Meteorological Department (IMD) weather station at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

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