Pune City action

Vital stats
  • Vehicle no and growth rate: 593,000 (5.93 lakh); 11%
  • Modal share: Public transport (12%); IPT (7%); Walk (22%); Cycle (11%); Car (12%); Two-wheeler (35%)
  • Public transport accessibility index: 3.15
  • Service accessibility index: 54.35
  • Congestion index: 0.2
  • Walkability index: 0.8
  • City Bus Transport Supply: 16.43
  • Para Transit: 106.2
  • Slow moving vehicles: 0.04
Public Action  
  • Public transport and NMT modes
  • Promoting NMT modes and walking
Public transport and NMT modes

Objective: Parisar, a civil society organization is working on lobbying and advocacy for sustainable development. Having worked in a diverse set of fields, its work now focuses mainly on sustainable urban transport as it recognises that unsustainable transport policies and systems are the foremost threat to urban environment and quality of life.


What have they done: Parisar believes that cities can develop in a manner that permits mobility to its different citizens by having people, rather than vehicles, at the centre of all mobility planning. Once people become the focus of mobility planning and efficient use of transport infrastructure to help people commute becomes the focus, the solutions that emerge would automatically include excellent walking and cycling facilities, so that most short distance trips around 5km can be accomplished through these extremely efficient and non-polluting modes; excellent, reliable and affordable public transport facilities, so that most commutes over longer distances can be undertaken by public transport and a significant increase in public transport usage will automatically alleviate the problems of congestion and pollution, and also help in dealing with issues such as climate change and dependence on imported fossil fuels. Parisar has been actively campaigning, lobbying and advocating to achieve these goals in Pune. It has an active engagement with the Pune Municipal Corporation and has been instrumental in pushing through certain schemes and policies that further the cause of sustainable transport.

Key contact and website
Mr. Sujit Patwardhan